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25 definitions found for Aleiantus

Aleiantus belongs to:

Aleiantus consists of:
Aleiantus andringitrae
Aleiantus ankasokai
Aleiantus convexus
Aleiantus costatus
Aleiantus elongatus
Aleiantus fiorii
Aleiantus frontalis
Aleiantus humeralis
Aleiantus hyphydroides
Aleiantus incertus
Aleiantus isakanus
Aleiantus lacustris
Aleiantus lissus
Aleiantus mahaboi
Aleiantus mananarae
Aleiantus masoalae
Aleiantus pauliani
Aleiantus perinetanus
Aleiantus perrieri
Aleiantus sambavae
Aleiantus semiaeneus
Aleiantus spinicollis
Aleiantus vagecarinatus
Aleiantus vondrozoi

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