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22 definitions found for Acrotaeniostola

Acrotaeniostola belongs to:

Acrotaeniostola consists of:
Acrotaeniostola antennata
Acrotaeniostola apiventris
Acrotaeniostola dissimilis
Acrotaeniostola extorris
Acrotaeniostola flavoscutellata
Acrotaeniostola fuscinotum
Acrotaeniostola helvanaca
Acrotaeniostola helvenaca
Acrotaeniostola henei
Acrotaeniostola hoenei
Acrotaeniostola interrupta
Acrotaeniostola longicauda
Acrotaeniostola megispilota
Acrotaeniostola pieli
Acrotaeniostola quadrifasciata
Acrotaeniostola quadrivittata
Acrotaeniostola quinaria
Acrotaeniostola radiosa
Acrotaeniostola sexvittata
Acrotaeniostola spiralis
Acrotaeniostola yunnana

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