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36 definitions found for Acropteris

Acropteris belongs to:

Acropteris consists of:
Acropteris basiguttaria
Acropteris canescens
Acropteris caseata
Acropteris ceramata
Acropteris ciniferaria
Acropteris convexaria
Acropteris costinigrata
Acropteris defectaria
Acropteris deprivata
Acropteris duplicata
Acropteris grammearia
Acropteris illiturata
Acropteris inchoata
Acropteris inquinata
Acropteris insticta
Acropteris iphiata
Acropteris leptaliata
Acropteris luteopicta
Acropteris moluccana
Acropteris munda
Acropteris nanula
Acropteris nigrisquama
Acropteris obliquaria
Acropteris parvidentata
Acropteris pontiata
Acropteris rectinervata
Acropteris reticulata
Acropteris rhibetaria
Acropteris simpliciata
Acropteris sparsaria
Acropteris striataria
Acropteris tenella
Acropteris teriadata
Acropteris vacuata
Acropteris vagata

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