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42 definitions found for Acinia

Acinia belongs to:

Acinia consists of:
Acinia annulata
Acinia arctii
Acinia aurata
Acinia bella
Acinia biflexa
Acinia chilensis
Acinia cinerea
Acinia claripennis
Acinia corniculata
Acinia delicatella
Acinia durvillei
Acinia faceistriata
Acinia faciestriata
Acinia fuscata
Acinia guttata
Acinia hendeli
Acinia ica
Acinia impluviata
Acinia jungsukae
Acinia licenti
Acinia macroducta
Acinia mallochi
Acinia marginemaculata
Acinia marmorata
Acinia millefolii
Acinia modesta
Acinia nigricauda
Acinia novaeboracensis
Acinia nymphula
Acinia obscura
Acinia pallida
Acinia pediculariarum
Acinia peruana
Acinia picciola
Acinia picturata
Acinia plagiata
Acinia plantaris
Acinia reticulata
Acinia solidaginis
Acinia stellata
Acinia tessariae

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